How do we control pests?


For the rodent control, we developed the best programs, always in compliance with the highest pest control standards. We effectively use. We designed cords specific for the activity of each rodent, to assure that they are kept as far as possible from your operations.
We work by placing safety cords, the first and second cords with anti-coagulant tablets, which will eliminate the rodent in a matter of days, a third cord with capture stations, which will void the capture rodent activity.
The captures and consumptions are identified and quantified to prevent us with actions that assure the control of the detected pests. Our personnel will solve your doubts and will present solutions to your problems.

Cockroaches and crawling insects

We have programs designed to avoid that establishments suffer damages and compromise the safety of their customers and products due to crawling insect pests, such as cockroaches.
We are prepared to establish chemical and physical control application routines for crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, and scorpions, providing peace of mind to users from homes up to big industries. We use authorized chemicals products with their respective permit numbers, under the approved procedures. Installation of capture traps with glue, which avoid any activity of the captured insects.
We identify and quantify the pest activity in your facilities and, in this manner, we help you to jointly implement actions to control the detected pests.

Flies and flying insects

The installation of state-of-the-art equipment and adequate use of chemical products with the best action team for flying insects control are a part of our tasks. By installing last-generation equipment, we developed a monitoring system of the flying insects’ pest activity in your establishment, in this manner, we provide solutions to decrease the pest incidence in your facility.
Chemical controls are also performed in a preventive or corrective manner, using approved chemical products. All incidences are quantified and graphed.

Major species

We have equipment designed for the capture and relocation of major species, we will keep your locale and land safe from the damages of this kind of species.
We also have peaceful location service of major pests by using non-lethal capture cages and devices.
Our technicians are trained to handle these situations and to provide you smart solutions.

Occasional pests

Sometimes, undesired visitors arrive to our facilities, we have control programs for pests that arrive for occasional shelter or food.
Our personnel is trained to return peace to your home or facilities due to the unexpected insects visit.